Anupama: After Jhanvi Kapoor, the spirit of ‘Anupama’ entered Vidya Balan, showed her attitude while sitting in the bathtub

Vidya Balan mimics Anupama’s famous dialogue: A video of Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, Vidya Balan is copying a dialogue from the serial Anupama.

Vidya Balan mimics Anupama’s famous dialogue: Serial ‘Anupama’ These days the TRP list is making a lot of noise. With time, the popularity of this show of Rupali Ganguly is increasing. Now it has happened that the dialogues of serial Anupama have started going viral on social media. The serial Anupama’s Tumko Kya dialogue has been trending for some time now. Fans are constantly copying this dialogue. Bollywood stars have also become fans of Anupama. Some time back Bollywood actress Jhanvi Kapoor tried to become Anupama. Also Read – Anuj’s real wife came to compete with Rupali Ganguly on the sets of Anupama, reacted after seeing ‘Soutan’

Meanwhile, another video of serial Anupama is going viral on social media. In this video, Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is seen giving knowledge to people by becoming Anupama. In the video, Vidya Balan has announced that she will do all the work of her own free will. If anyone questions Vidya Balan, then her evening will come.

Vidya Balan won the hearts of fans by becoming Anupama

Vidya Balan sitting in the bathtub in this viral video Rupali Ganguly Speaking of dialogue. Sitting in the bathtub, Vidya Balan has done a great make-up on her face. After which Vidya Balan has made this funny video. Seeing this style of Vidya Balan, Rupali Ganguly will also be very happy. This video of Vidya Balan has rocked social media. Fans are very fond of this style of Vidya Balan. Fans are beginning to feel that Vidya Balan is also at her house. Serial ‘Anupama’ like to watch. Also Read – Anupama Spoiler 1 September: Rakhi Dave will catch the son-in-law’s gibbous in front of Anupama, Anuj will become the second Vanraj

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Fans of Anupama made in Pakistan

Earlier, Pakistani actress Haniya Amir had also tried to become Anupama. In her latest video, Haniya was seen telling people like Aamir Anupama, no one can stop her from doing her will. It would not be wrong to say that now Anupama has started making her mark in the neighboring country as well. Also Read – Fans have not been able to forget these stars who have left Anupama, now Nidhi Shah’s name will also be included in the list!

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