Anupama: Anupama’s mother got caught by the trollers after supporting Toshu, she is getting jealous on social media

Alpana Buch aka Baa trolled in Anupama: Toshu’s extra marital affair is currently being shown in Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna’s well-known TV serial ‘Anupama’. Because of this track, Anupama’s ba i.e. Alpana Butch has come under the target of people.

Anupama Star Alpana Buch aka Baa trolled: Star Plus Serial ‘Anupama‘ the story of (Anupamaa Latest Episode) This time has come at an interesting point. As soon as Kinjal becomes a mother, the secret has come out that Toshu is dating another girl. As soon as this comes to the fore, Anupama, Rakhi and Kinjal have stood against Toshu. On the other hand, Vanraj has thrown Toshu out of the house in anger. On the other hand, Anupama is also telling Toshu fiercely. Anupama has even vowed to destroy Toshu. However, Baa still does not see any fault of Toshu. Also Read – The entry of new characters in these top shows of TV, Anupama’s troubles will increase in the TRP list

Baa says that Toshu did nothing wrong by doing extra marital affair. Not only this, Baa is blaming Anupama for Toshu’s mistake. Ba is saying that Anupama is behind Toshu’s extra marital affair too. By doing such headless things, Baa is badly trapped. Since the past day, people are vilifying Ba i.e. Alpana Buch on social media. Serial ‘Anupama’ The fans of the show are showing the mirror of truth to Baa and the makers of the show. Also Read – Today TV News 16 Sept: Anupama went out to celebrate Navratri amidst tremendous gimmicks, Nikki Tamboli caught in legal trouble

Got trolled badly on social media

A fan lashed out at Ba and wrote, Rupali Ganguly The rating of the show is going to fall soon. Baa has once again started showing her colors. Baa is busy trying to annihilate the whole story. Looks like the makers need a mantle treatment. Another user wrote, do something to that illiterate old lady. This is not the first time that Baa has supported the wrong. Ba always supports the boys of her family even if these people are wrong. Also Read – ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ will snatch the number 1 seat of ‘Anupama’ in TRP, these 5 things will make Rupali’s show dust

See the reaction of fans-

anupama videos

Fans do not want to see Anupama

Another user wrote, watching serial Anupama and her ba is becoming unbearable. Baa curses Anupama and her family all the time. Ba makes every decision wrong. Ba always supports the wrong. Nobody tells him anything. Slowly this show is getting worse.

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