Imlie 2 Upcoming Twist: Tamarind will end up in jail for using drugs, family members will say wretched

Imlie Upcoming Twist 21 September 2022: In the upcoming episode of TV Star Karan Vohra, Megha Chakraborty and Saumya Saraswat’s serial ‘Imli 2’, Tamarind is about to go to jail. On the other hand, Atharv is about to get arrested in the love of Chini.

Imlie Upcoming Twist 21 September 2022: Serial Imli 2 (Imlie) The new story has begun. After Tamarind’s death, now both her daughters are taking the story forward. While tamarind is very straight on one side, on the other hand sugar bites everyone’s ears. The Chinese have just started showing their colors. Serial ‘Imlie’ (Latest Episode) I have seen so far, the Chinese lie to the family members. Chini reaches Atharva’s concert on the pretext of the temple. The Chinese also take tamarind with them. Tamarind is going to be in big trouble because of sugar. Soon Tamarind will be behind the bars of the jail. After which there will be a ruckus in the story of serial Imli 2. Also Read – Imlie 2 Promo: Sugar will spew venom against her half-sister, new enmity will start after Imli’s death

Karan Vohra, Megha Chakraborty and Saumya Saraswat to star in upcoming episodes of Imli 2 (Imlie Upcoming Twist 12 September 2022) You will see, Tamarind will go out after meeting Atharv. A man will hand a pudding of tamarind. Tamarind will come to know that this boy has run away after seeing her drugs. Also Read – Imlie 2 Cast: The entry of these 6 stars happened overnight in Imli 2, there will be danger on Anupama’s throne

Serial ‘Tamarind’ The police will come and catch Tamarind. On the other hand the sugar will start searching for the tamarind. During this, the Chinese will get a call that the Chinese will run after hearing this in the Tamarind Police Station. Atharva will also reach the police behind the Chinese. Atharv and Chini together will save Tamarind from the clutches of the police. During this, Atharva will also give lift to tamarind and sugar. Also Read – Fans miss these 9 old TV pairs a lot, are requesting the makers to make season 2

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Grandma will curse tamarind fiercely

‘Tamarind’ After his death, Aryan’s mother is going to hold his daughter responsible. Aparna will know that Tamarind has gone to jail. Aparna will be happy to hear this. Aparna will say no one will help Tamarind. Aparna will not even allow Imli’s birthday to be celebrated. Aparna will throw the cake in front of everyone. In such a situation, the people of the family will be terribly nervous. At the same time, there will be panic in Atharv’s family too.

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