Imlie Upcoming Twist: Malini will bring Imli back on the road, will hatch a conspiracy to take revenge

Imlie Upcoming Twist 6 September 2022: In the upcoming episode of TV star Sumbul Tauqeer Khan and Fahman Khan’s serial ‘Imli’, Imli is going to fall prey to Malini’s conspiracy. Malini will once again throw Tamarind out of the house.

Imlie Spoiler Alert 6 September 2022 : news that serial ‘Tamarind’ going to close soon. Amidst the news of closure, the makers are busy making the show interesting. For the past several months, one after the other twists are coming in the serial Tamarind. Serial ‘Imlie’ (Latest Episode) I have seen so far, sugar suddenly faints. Doctors tell that Sugar needs surgery. During this, Malini accuses Imli of stealing the child. Not only this, Malini will also try to fill the ears of sugar against Tamarind. Meanwhile, in the story of the serial Tamarind, another new ruckus is about to start. fahman khan and upcoming episodes of Sumbul Tauqeer Khan starrer show (Imlie Upcoming Twist 6 September 2022) In you will see, Aryan will try to handle the matter. However, Malini will once again fall behind Tamarind. Malini will repeatedly accuse Tamarind. On the other hand, Tamarind will know that Malini is fooling the whole family. Also Read – Fahman Khan sat down on her knees in front of everyone for the sake of Sumbul, proposed to the actress with a rose in her hand

Malini will take Tamarind out of the house

Serial ‘Tamarind’ Malini is going to play a new game soon. Malini will get angry for calling Tamarind a child-chore. During this, Malini will throw Tamarind out of the house. Malini will tell Chini as her daughter. Not only this, this time Malini will also drag Aryan in this matter. Aryan’s family will be shocked to see Malini’s actions. Also Read – TRP List 34th Week 2022: ‘Gum hai kisi ki pyar mein’ became a headache for ‘Anupama’, ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ got this position

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Aryan will break ties with tamarind

Soon Aryan will try to find out the truth from Tamarind. Tamarind will tell how she brought up sugar after losing her child. Aryan will be convinced that Chini is Malini’s daughter. Knowing this, Aryan’s blood will boil. Aryan will announce to release Tamarind in front of the family. In a fit of rage, Aryan will break his and Imli’s marriage as well. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what will happen to Tamarind after separating from Aryan and Chinese. Also Read – Apart from Sumbul and Fahman, Imlie can also cut the leaves of these artists, the makers will take the risk for the generation leap

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