Nana Patekar dominated social media after twin tower collapse, dialogue of old film went viral

Bollywood Memes on Twin Tower: After the demolition of Twin Tower located in Noida, UP, various types of memes are becoming viral on social media. But everyone’s attention has been drawn towards the meme related to Nana Patekar.

Twin Tower Demolition Bollywood Memes: Yesterday i.e. 28th August was named after two things, first was the T20 match being played between India and Pakistan and the second was the fall of the Twin Towers. There were discussions about these two all day yesterday. Talks were going on for a long time about the Twin Towers, it was certain to be demolished. This building was completely demolished within just 9 seconds. Its video went viral on social media so fast as if there was some lightning. After the video went viral, various things started happening on social media about it. People shared a lot of photos and videos related to this on social media. Meanwhile, a meme of Bollywood star Nana Patekar was covered on social media. Also Read – Manisha Koirala Birthday: Before becoming the bride of Samrat Dahal, Manisha Koirala had an affair with these 11 men, see list

Nana Patekar’s video went viral

After the fall of the Twin Towers, its videos were covered on social media, people started sharing their pictures related to this tower. But the fun started coming when the memes came out about it. There were many memes that left people laughing at the sight, and there were many that made them think. Meanwhile, Bollywood stars Aamir Khan And the memes made on Nana Patekar caught everyone’s attention. A picture of Aamir Khan went viral, showing his post-blast effect. so there Nana Patekar A meme went viral. This meme is related to a film by Nana Patekar, in which he is seen saying ‘Aa Gaye Meri Maut Ka Tamasha Dekhne’. Also Read – These actors have become dirty due to allegations of rape, some have cast a bad eye on their sister

Why was the tower demolished?

The Twin Towers were demolished due to corruption in the ‘Waterfall Implosion’. The matter was going on in the Supreme Court for several days. After whose decision came, this tower was demolished. Also Read – Entertainment News of The Day: Theft at Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja’s Delhi house, Will Smith banned from Oscars for 10 years

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