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Pierce Brosnan Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wife, Height, Weight and many more details can be checked on this page. Pierce Brosnan is an Irish actor and film producer who has a net worth of $210 million. Pierce Brosnan is one of the biggest, best and most famous names in Hollywood and other film industries. Whenever action movies are considered, very few names come up, and one of them is Pierce Brosnan. With the best action comes the best responsibility, and Mr. Brosnan has held the top spot when it comes to acting in Hollywood.

Here, we will talk about the versatile actor, considered to be the master of acting and immensely serious action movies, who is none other than the charming Mr. Pierce Brosnan. With his best acting and business skills, Pierce Brosnan has earned great respect in the film industry. , as well as a large amount of net worth. Net worth, in simple terms, means current assets minus current liabilities. Let’s take a look at Mr. Brosnan’s predicted wealth, which can also be given as an estimated amount of his net worth.

Pierce Brosnan net worth

Pierce Brosnan is an American actor and film producer. Mr. Pierce Brosnan’s net worth is estimated at US$210 million. Pierce Brosnan’s net worth has seen a 14% increase in recent years. Apart from acting, Pierce Brosnan is also a producer and a big donor when it comes to charity.

Name Pierce Brosnan
Net worth (2022) $210 million
Profession American actor
Monthly Income and Salary $2 million +
Annual income $22 million +
Last update 2022
Pierce Brosnan net worth

A large amount of their income is donated to various charity programs. Mr. Pierce Brosnan has earned a great deal of respect in the film industry as well as a large amount of net worth. Net worth, in simple terms, means current assets minus current liabilities. Let’s take a look at Mr. Pierce Brosnan’s predicted wealth, which can also be given as an estimated amount of his net worth.

Let’s now take a look at the assets you own:

HOUSE: Pierce Brosnan Resides in Malibu, California. Pierce Brosnan purchased this luxury home in the year 2015. The estimated value of this real estate is around $18.2 million.

Cars: Pierce Brosnan’s car collection is quite large. Pierce Brosnan owns some of the best luxury cars in the world. Car brands owned by Pierce Brosnan include BMW, Porsche, Aston Martin and Maserati.

Average remuneration of the film: Approximately USD 23 million to USD 25 million.

Investment: Pierce Brosnan has invested heavily in the real estate business and is also a film producer.

Estimated net worth $210 million
Annual income 07 million dollars
personal investment $45.8 million
Luxury cars $2.1 million
Pierce Brosnan net worth
Pierce Brosnan net worth
Pierce Brosnan net worth

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth Dependency:

In the case of any celebrity, many earnings depend on the followers. Pierce Brosnan is one of the most popular actors in the world of cinema. In addition to acting, Mr. Pierce Brosnan is also a film producer and has various businesses around the world. Therefore, we can be very confident that Pierce Brosnan’s net worth, sir, will continue to grow over the years.

On Pierce Brosnan:

If you love action movies, you might already know some interesting facts about Pierce Brosnan, as mentioned below:

Mr. Pierce Brosnan was born on the 16the May 1953, in the country of Ireland. His full name is Pierce Brendan Brosnan. Mr. Brosnan is Irish by birth and holds dual US and Irish citizenship.

When she was four years old, her mother moved to London to work as a nurse. From that point on, he was largely raised by his grandparents, Philip and Kathleen Smith.

He completed his education at Elliott School, now known as Ark Putney Academy, a coeducational secondary school with academy status in south-west London.

After leaving school at 16, Pierce Brosnan decided to be a painter and began training in commercial illustration at St. Martin’s School of art. While attending a rehearsal for a workshop in the Oval House, a fire-eater was teaching people how to eat fire and decided to join.


A circus agent saw him playing in the street and hired him for three years. Pierce Brosnan then trained for three years as an actor at the Drama Center London.

A 1975 Drama Center graduate, Pierce Brosnan began working as an assistant stage manager at the York Theater Royal, making his acting debut in Wait till Dark.

Within six months, he was selected by playwright Tennessee Williams to play the role of McCabe in the UK premiere of The Red Devil Battery Sign.

Everyone has some little secrets or truths about their life, but when it comes to our favorite person, we develop a keen interest in reading the pages of our favorite person’s book of life. We hope we have given you a short but attention-grabbing read of the life of Pierce Brosnan.

With the ending, we wish Pierce Brosnan a successful year ahead with many accomplishments, good health, and lots of love. May he continue to achieve his goals and continue to increase his net worth always!

Frequent questions

What is Pierce Brosnan’s net worth?

Pierce Brosnan’s total net worth is around $210 million.

How old is Pierce Brosnan?

Pierce Brosnan is currently 68 years old (May 16, 1953).

What is Pierce Brosnan’s salary?

Pierce Brosnan earns an estimated salary of $7 million per year.

How tall is Pierce Brosnan?

Pierce Brosnan’s height is 1.86 m (6′ 10″).

What is the name of Pierce Brosnan’s wife?

Pierce Brosnan’s wife’s name is Keely Shaye Smith (d. 2001)

How much does Pierce Brosnan charge per movie?

Pierce Brosnan charges around $23 to 25 million per film.


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